Intelligent Video Surveillance

It’s good to have eyes on everything. It’s even better to have a video management system that knows what it’s looking at.

Our intelligent video surveillance uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology as a force multiplier, allowing smaller security teams to see more than ever. The AI can be trained to recognize people and patterns, eliminate visual noise, and provide real-time detection notifications to the security team.

A white track and detect camera with a black glass bulb

Available features include

drawing of facial recognition drawing of a person's head
drawing of track and detect camera
drawing of alert triangle with exclamation mark in to indicate with programmable trigger conditions

Facial and license
plate recognition

Track-and-detect cameras
that can “follow” intruders

Alerts with programmable
trigger conditions

drawing of magnifying glass analyzing video and forensic capabilities

Sophisticated video analytic
and forensic capabilities

drawing of three servers integrated into a single enterprise security platform indicated by a lock with a check mark on it

Integration into a single
enterprise security platform

Whether you have a handful of cameras in place or a few hundred monitoring a facility, they can be seamlessly integrated with other elements of your security system. Intrusion detection can sync to access control, all guided by the live data coming through the video feed. And because intelligent technology continues to learn and improve, it can be refined for even more accuracy and precision.

That easy scalability and seamless integration of a video management system (VMS) with access control technology means no glitches, no headaches, no time wasted—and no threats unseen.

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