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Everywhere you look lately, people are anxious and confused about the way advanced technology can and should be used. Will machines replace workers? Is artificial intelligence smarter than human intellect? Are the best solutions cutting-edge digital tools or methodologies that have stood the test of time? Can “all of the above” be an answer?

At Ariel Secure Technologies, we can’t really speculate about anyone else’s business. But we feel confident in saying that the future of security comes from the marriage of humans and technology. Because integrated security systems aren’t designed to replace people. They’re here to compensate for human shortcomings, so people can spend their time and energy doing what they do best.

There Are Some Things Humans Aren’t Great At…

The human attention span can only provide full, uninterrupted focus for a few minutes at a time. Even the most seasoned security professional eventually has to look away. Fatigue and distractions can cause someone to miss something vital.

Computers don’t have that problem. An intelligent video management system, which uses carefully trained AI to scan for potential threats and intrusions, never gets tired or loses focus. This allows it to act as a force multiplier, letting one person accomplish things that would have taken a dozen workers without the aid of technology.

Video analytics is one of the fastest growing facets of intelligent security. The average secure facility may record hundreds or thousands of hours of video footage. No human is capable of sorting through all of that and finding meaningful information and patterns.

Most of the time, that collected video goes unwatched unless it needs to be scoured for a specific incident, a forensic event itself that can eat up hundreds of man-hours. But video analytics makes it simple to scan through videos, detect patterns, and identify key events.

The forensic capabilities of this analysis are powerful, but the strategic potential is even greater. Analytics can help you spot security weaknesses and problematic trends in advance so you can better prepare for risks. And when an incident does occur, quick detection and instant analysis allows you to take action in a way that’s proactive, not reactive.

…And Some Things Only a Person Can Do Right

Computers can be trained to identify threats. Facial recognition can identify which visitors and personnel are welcome and which are not. Classification training can help AI look for things out of the ordinary, from unexpected movement to unexpected vehicles. License plate recognition can spot whitelisted and blacklisted vehicles and trigger a programmed response.

But computers can’t make judgment calls. They don’t understand context and cannot take swift, decisive action. Humans are always going to be an essential part of keeping a facility secure, because they know what to do with information. We don’t see that changing.

Video surveillance systems are more likely to trigger false positives than miss an event. And that’s a good thing. Because the world is filled with infinite variables, contingencies, exceptions, and contextual nuance that will challenge any rule you put in place. Continuous training and adjustments can make the tech better, but nothing will ever fully compete with human experience and intuition.

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Fully Integrated Enterprise Security Solutions

The security systems we manage through Ariel are fully integrated, meaning multiple systems work together in harmony toward perfection. This includes video surveillance, key management systems, intrusion detection, and access control, as well as the human interface. Integration allows each of those pieces to work together seamlessly, providing complete protection of your facility.

For example, video surveillance cameras and access control work hand-in-hand. When someone with incorrect credentials attempts to access a location outside of their permissions, it can activate a nearby camera to capture their movements. Tracking capabilities can follow movements seamlessly from one camera to the next. And programmable alerts will notify the human security professional on staff so the correct next actions can be taken.

A Security Solution to Support Humans

We don’t see security tech as competition to security professionals. It’s more like a relationship where both sides play to each other’s strengths. High-tech security solutions take the jobs people aren’t so great at – like simultaneously watching hundreds of cameras – to help people do their jobs without stress, fatigue, and human error.

Ariel Secure Technologies isn’t just responsible for setting you up with a system. We’re part of the integrated relationship, and we’re in it for the long haul.

We’ll get to know your needs and your facility’s unique circumstances so we can find the perfect solutions. We’ll handle the installation and training necessary to get your system up and running. Then we’ll stay committed with ongoing support and maintenance, because there’s no substitute for human relationships.

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